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The range of produts TECNOSPAN for cutting includes numerous models of cutters that satisfy the needs of any manufacturer.

From the simplest model of fresh cutter that is manually operated to longitudinally divide fresh hollow core slabs, to the new fully automated C50U series with cutting capacity up to 500mm at any angle, they are designed to work hard at low costs, maintenance, simplicity in handling and total safety for workers.

The cutter TECNOSPAN moves along the rails of the production tracks making straight or transverse, longitudinal and angled cuts with diamond discs of different diameters according to needs, cutting height 30, 40 or 50 cm, and includes water tank with disc cooling pump.

Optionally, they can be supplied with a reel for electric cable and water hose.

Regarding its operation, you choose: manual or semi-automatic with automatic cutting cycle and positioning by manual regulation of the operator. Many models have other optional automation capabilities, including fully programming the cutting of the entire track with aerial laser measurement.

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