The introduction of new elements for construction requires concrete precasters to make a continuous effort to adapt to new trends. TECNOSPAN is capable of providing individual solutions to expand its facilities and satisfy the production of new products demanded by the market. 

Pilar Mold
With the universal pillar mold, pillars of different sections and lengths can be manufactured, with exposed reinforcement or incorporating brackets even on all 4 faces depending on the model.
They are supplied single or double with manual or hydraulic operation. . Depending on the request, it can incorporate a heating installation and even a system to cover the product and optimize setting.
Tilting table
Tilting tables are used for the production of large-area prefabricated parts with non-prestressed reinforcement and are available in different sizes.
The high-frequency vibrators ensure optimal compaction of the concrete and are operated with a Mobile desk that allows the entire table or by sectors to vibrate.
The tables can be equipped upon request with a heating system to accelerate the drying of the concrete. To facilitate emptying and removing the panels, they can be tilted up to 75º.
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